Bad shower habits that are ruining your skin

Cleanliness is the most important part of our daily routine. We should pay special attention to this and never overlooking for it might bring us some discomfort effects to our beauty and health. One of the steps we daily take for maintaining our bodies clean is getting a shower. It rinses off any residue that we might pick up on the street; it washes away any bacteria, or particles that could harm us eventually, and let us not forget that is one of the daily routines for the relaxation of our body. Nothing beats a long hot steamy shower.

Woman taking a shower

Bad shower habits that are ruining your skin

All in all, we are thinking to be making the greatest benefit to our body, when in reality we might have picked up some bad habits while we shower that might be ruining our skin’s health.

Would you like to know why? Keep on reading to know how to kick these habits and take real care of your skin. At first, you will feel reluctant to change the way you usually take a shower but, the benefits will certainly outweigh the cons, and you will thank the change.

Better to take a cold shower

How many times have we arrived home longing for a hot shower that never ends, just to relax and wash our problems away? However, we might be washing more than just dirt and excuses.

Hot water also gets rid our body’s natural oils and moisturizers. With each homemade sauna treatment where leaving our skin to the fate of getting dry and losing its natural hydrating properties. So next time you go to the shower, lower significantly the temperature and do not last an eternity.

Excessive scrubbing

Woman taking a hot shower

Exfoliating is good for we clean our skin pores, rinse away any clogs that might be stopping our skin to release those unnecessary toxins. However, all excess tend to harm and in this case, an exception cannot be made.

The regular and intensive scrubbing of our skin might not prove to be a good thing if we are stripping our skin of the healthy cells, because at the end we are making it to be irritated, extra sensitive and vulnerable to any outer agents. Any protection our skin has will be scrubbed away. Try a moderate use of the exfoliating sponge and do not over do it. Sometimes less is more.

Using abrasive soaps

Your skin is very sensitive shield to protect from any foreign agents that could harm us. If in turn we do not protect such shield, the harmful consequences we face are not easy to deal with. We tend to think that the more aggressive our soap is, the better it will be for our skin.

Nothing can be radically further from the truth. The skin might be so sensitive that it requires special soaps, or just a regular type of soap. We shower thinking that we are cleaning off any dirt and grime we absorbed through the day, when in fact there is no need to apply extreme chemicals onto our skin to strip it off of everything.

Remember that doctors use a mild antibacterial before going into surgery.