DIY ginger oil as painkiller substitute

Modern medications have always found a way to be in our homes to relieve us from any pain. Pharmaceutical companies have strived for perfection and for our well-being by providing the products we need. However, traditional medicine has also given us their best products that come directly from nature. Among the many fruits of nature that we can use as a natural remedy, we have ginger.

Benefits of Ginger Oil

In ancient civilizations, such as the Chinese, Greek and Indian, this root has been highly prized for its medicinal value and properties. The benefits that we can extract from this nicely pungent root are wide ranging.

Benefits of Ginger Oil

It can be used as a digestive, an antiseptic agent, as an anti-inflammatory and also for its aphrodisiac properties. Many people use this root in their diet for these reasons, also because it is excellent in treating stomach aches, reducing nausea, indigestion bloating and even helping with menstrual disorders.

In the present case, we will show you how to make ginger oil and how to use as a natural remedy for substituting painkillers. We present you ginger oil as a natural remedy for relieving pain, given that this root has been proven to reduce pain produced in our muscles after doing exercise.

Another great benefit is that ginger oil is a great stimulator of the circulatory system, the best system for aiding in the relief of pain.

This oil can be use as an ingredient for many meals, as well as a vehicle for massaging the areas of our body heavily affected by pain.

Recipe for preparing Ginger oil

  1. First, you will need 1 complete root of freshly grated ginger. The finer you grater, the better for the oil to absorb the ginger will be.
  2. Second, you are going to use 2 cups of olive oil. It is not necessary to get extra virgin olive oil, since this will mostly be used as massage oil, and the intention is to make home remedy that is inexpensive.
  3. For the preparation, you are going to grate the ginger and add it to the olive oil.
  4. Next, pour this mixture into a bowl that can be safely used in the oven. Put the mixture of ginger and oil in the oven for over two hours at a temperature of 150ºF. During this time the oil will absorb all the nutrients and properties of the ginger.
  5. After the time has elapsed, we will proceed to filter the liquid, use a porous cloth to strain the mixture into a separate recipient. You can use a glass bottle that will function as the final container for the oil. Next, you are going to squeeze any drops left in the grated ginger.
  6. That way, we are ensuring to obtain the richest and the maximum quantity of ginger oil possible form the root.
  7. Now you are done, and ready to apply your natural painkiller to any joint or muscle, or even recipe to relieve any pain.

The best benefit is that we are employing natural ingredients and processes to get ourselves a painkiller. It is also inexpensive and with the certainty of not having any unwanted side effects.