Woman ate only bananas for 12 days and this happened

A nutritionist ate nothing but bananas for 12 days to test all of their benefits and find out what changes would take place in her body.

Woman ate only bananas for 12 days and this happened

Bananas are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. There are rich in potassium and low in sodium which, as we know, provides many health benefits.

Even better, bananas can be eaten by people with diabetes. With diabetes, there is a misunderstanding about eating fruits like grapes or bananas, since people believe that these fruits contain a lot of sugar. But the big difference which makes them healthy for diabetics to eat is that they contain fructose instead of glucose, and this type of sugar is metabolized differently from those in the majority of foods, and so it doesn’t accumulate in the blood as easily. But you do need to be careful with the amount; eating the correct serving size will make all the difference.

Bananas are also helpful for people with heart disease, kidney disease and cancer without any negative consequences.

Banana diet experiment

Getting back to the nutritionist, who experimented with what would happen to her body after daily consumption of bananas. Her name is Yulia Tarabath and she ate nothing but bananas for 12 days. This is an excellent way to detoxify and a great way to lose a few pounds, and although it’s not recommended to eat just one type of food all the time, it is recommendable to do it within the context of a planned dietary regimen of a specific duration.

The experiment

Yulia Tarabath, nutritionist and motivational coach, decided to do this experiment to see the benefits of bananas. This type of diet, called a mono diet, includes only one fruit. Yulia and her husband are vegan and have their own fruit garden.

She and her husband are big fans of the high in fruits, low in fat raw vegan lifestyle, and so when she felt the need to boost her health, it wasn’t difficult for her to start this diet.

After following a diet of only bananas for 12 days, along with drinking lots of water, an exercise routine and enough sleep, she noticed very significant and positive changes in her physical and emotional wellbeing.


She chose bananas because, as she says, they are fruits that are rich in nutrients and easy to eat, and are very affordable. Bananas are higher in calories than other fruits, the contain fiber and because of this can control appetite and cause feelings of fullness for a longer period of time. She also suggests adding green vegetables to this regimen, but only one type, such as celery.

The results

The first thing that Yulia noticed during this experiment was that her digestion improved and she had reduced stomach pains. She felt less bloated and her bowels functioned perfectly. Bananas (one banana has approximately 12% daily value recommended by the FDA, which is 25 g) are rich in fiber and can regulate electrolytes and eliminate toxins from the body and as a result aid in digestion.

On the other hand, before the experiment she had high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and yeast imbalance. During and after the experiment, all of those problems disappeared. In addition, she attributes the detoxification caused by this diet to her being able to get pregnant after trying without success.

Woman ate only bananas for 12 days and this happened

Furthermore, her mood improved and she felt more relaxed and creative: “I felt more mental clarity and concentration”, says Tarabath. This feeling is surely due to the levels of tryptophan and potassium that bananas contain which help with cellular communication, maintaining adequate levels of oxygen in the brain.

She also had more energy during her day, obviously not just because of the nutrients her body was receiving each day, but also because she stopped eating processed food and as a result her body was detoxified, causing her skin to become more smooth and glowing.

Despite the great benefits of mono diets and the benefits of bananas, you should use caution if you are going to do the same type of diet because it is really drastic and not for everyone, especially people who have problems with their thyroid gland. The best thing to do is consult your doctor before beginning this experiment or any other that requires a radical change in your diet.