Ways you are damaging your hair without realizing it

Learn the ways in which you are damaging your hair without realizing it and learn to avoid damage. Not only with creams to the hair care, if you are user for irons and dryers can this be useful as well.

Ways you are damaging your hair

Even if you do not believe it, damage your hair is so simple to do that we sometimes forget that it can happen. Quiet, today you will know how you must take care of it and what things you must avoid to not damage it more and make it look spectacular.

Is it possible to damage my hair without realizing it?

You may be wondering if it is possible to damage your hair without realizing it and the answer is yes. There are days when the hair can withstand great situations like ironing, brushes, dryers and even chemicals. This does not mean that it will always be this way, as the hair is going deteriorating and suffering some severe damage.

If all that has been mentioned is part of your daily routine and you do not change soon your hair will no longer be the same as before. You probably begins to notice changes and even some irreversible damage, such as its thickness or its brightness.

More subtle ways to damage hair

Woman cut her hair. Problem of split ends

I want to tell you that there are some more subtle ways to damage hair with common mistake. We begin:

  • Excessive use of conditioner could damage your hair for extra hydration that you do not need.
  • Exposing your hair to constant sunshine causes dryness and itching of the scalp.
  • Washing your hair daily is also a problem. This causes the hair to lose its natural protective grease. Ideally, you can wash it three times a week.
  • Some machines that incorporate brushes with heat also do a lot of damage. To not damage the hair you can increase the temperature gradually and thus the strand will adapt to heat.
  • Using a shampoo that does not match the hair type can also damage it. When washing your hair does not leave the product too much time and rinse immediately.
  • Avoiding hair cutting can also harm your health. It is advisable to cut it at least every 90 days so that your orchestras do not disturb more than they should.
  • Excessive chemical treatments are also harmful. It is not recommended to apply them more than twice a year.

With these little tips I hope you learn that hair damage can come from many sources. Always keep your hair away from all that and if you want to apply one of these errors you must try to not doing it all the time. It is best to take care of it and avoid all these techniques that you consider favor.

The important thing is that you learn that hair damage is not as difficult as you think but now you can prevent it.