Stay away from this 10 foods if your tummy hurts

Every time there is an ailment in any part of our bodies, specially an organ, we usually resource to taking a pill for the pain we have. The use of medication is a regular thing, even when there is virtually a pill for everything. However, we need to know what to take or even what not to take.

10 Foods to Avoid When Your Stomach Hurts

In some occasions, to avoid taking pills we eat since many foods contain the same elements or substances we find in medications. Unfortunately, the story is even different when the ache comes from our stomach. We must take special care with our GI tract and avoiding certain foods that might increase our pain. Here is list of 10 foods that should be forbidden if our tummy hurts.


The lactose present in dairy products, like milk, can be difficult to digest if we are having problems with our stomach. Further consumption may cause bloating and gas, not to mention worsening conditions for those who are lactose intolerant.


This hot beverage must be avoiding due to one reason: irritation. If your stomach is in pain, drinking a cup of Joe will make it worse since coffee is acidic and it can irritate the lining of the GI tract, causing you even more pain than you already are.


Though the high carbonation content can help digestion on some cases, in most occasions it can increase the pain in your stomach for it also cause irritation, due to the citric acid, and issues with your digestion.

Foods high in fat

It is convenient to pass on any greasy food when stomachaches are present. Fat makes our GI tract go haywire in order to digest it and it is also one of the causes of irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation.


Perhaps a few sips of your favorite red may help you break down that hearty meal you just had. But if what you have is abdominal pain from your stomach, drinking alcohol is not advisable, since it can raise the gastric acidity of the GI tract. The consequences are inflammation and gastritis.


Spicy foods are reserved for those who are of brave stomachs. Those with stomachaches must avoid them to reduce pain. Spices trigger the stomach to overdrive and this over stimulates the already gruesome pain.


This food contains high amounts of fiber, and to the beaten digestive system the breaking down of this food causes further issues like bloating, flatulence, and cramps.


The digestion of this food causes the accumulation of gas in the stomach. In normal conditions, this would not represent a problem, but with a stomachache, it could lead to heartburns, upsetting your stomach even more.

Foods high in acid

Any food or fruit with a significant amount of acid in their composition should completely avoid when your tummy aches. The acid causes reflux and heartburn when feeling indisposed.


This food has usually been a very difficult one to digest on itself. If you consume when your digestive system is halted by pain, it can cause severe bloating and even more abdominal pain.