Signs that you are a mature woman

There are certain attitudes and behaviors that can serve as indicators that we are dealing with a mature woman, and perhaps even help us to identify ourselves.

Mature woman embracing her mother

How to identify a mature woman

Life passes, and with it we gradually burn through the different stages that it offers us. We started as children, we became teenagers, then young adults, adults, and finally older adults and grandparents. It is very normal to go through these different stages and act with some immaturity at first, but if you are like me, existentialist, and you wonder at what moment you stopped being a young and immature rebel to become a mature and responsible woman, these are some unquestionable signals:

You think a thousand times before making decisions:

This is certainly crucial to determining that you are a mature person, because if you think about it, when you were younger, you thought less about the consequences of things, and therefore, your “decisions” were much more visceral. Now, you are dedicated to analyzing the pros and cons, identifying the goals, and of course, making a wise decision that is a win-win for all those involved.

Long and stable relationships:

Mature woman in a lasting relationship

Perhaps this isn’t quite as decisive, in the sense that there are many couples who spend years together maintaining a very immature relationship. But, a loving relationship should not be measured by the time spent together, but by the ability of both to make a commitment and provide stability, emotionally and in every other sense, to the other person. If you are already in, or are looking for, a relationship of this type, then you are being a mature woman.

Your priorities change:

Gone are the days when you thought the world revolved around you and the main goal was only your well-being and fun. Parties and messes were replaced with family or work meetings and an atmosphere of tranquility, which is your home, which you want to return to each night and where you find a meeting point with yourself, and that also makes you happy.

You understand your parents:

Mature woman enjoying life

Little by little, you become the best friend of your mother or father. Over time, you are grateful for the education and upbringing they gave you, and as a result you become more sensitive. You understand them, share things in common, and above all: you value them much more if you are already going through the process of raising your own children.


This also “should” be a determinant of maturity in your life, although not all women who bring children into the world are. How do you know if you are a woman mature enough to know if you are raising your children well? When you are able to put yourself in the place of all the members of your family, and you give each one the space that they need.

When you are able to have patience and balance your permissive side with the strong character you must impose so that your children understand their boundaries. When you are very agreeable, but strong enough to say “NO” when necessary, and especially when you are able to listen to and understand what your children want and need.

Once you do all this, and if you felt like what you just read resonated with you, you can know for sure that you are a mature woman, or maybe you are on the right track to being one, since we never stop learning and maturing.