Repel cockroaches with bay leaves and other herbs

Few things are as disturbing as opening a cabinet and seeing a cockroach running all over the place. These insects, despised by humans, can be found almost anywhere in the world because they have established incredible adaptive capabilities. Their resilience is such that they can withstand high levels of radiation and even survive without eating for up to a month. Keep reading, because here we will show you a natural remedy to repel cockroaches that you didn’t know existed, so that you never see them haunting your most treasured places again.


How cockroaches move

Cockroaches are insects that eat foods of both animal and plant origin, meaning they are omnivores. This is one of the reasons they can be found almost everywhere, consuming everything in their path.

In case you didn’t know, cockroaches are creatures will characteristically leave traces in their feces, which are like chemical markers. This makes it easier for other cockroaches to find food and water. In this way, they are able to communicate and cause infestations much faster.

Yes, it’s just as repulsive as it is interesting to know this fun fact, but above all it’s necessary to understand their modus operandi and thus know how to fight them.

There are many methods which can eradicate or repel cockroaches. The following is a very friendly way, so to speak, both for the environment and for your home, health and ultimately even for them; they won’t get in your way, they simply won’t show up in the first place. Want to know why? Read on to find out the secret to this natural remedy.

How repel cockroaches with bay leaves

You may already know the excellent culinary and other uses for bay leaves, but perhaps you weren’t aware that the leaves of this herb can also be used as a cockroach repellent.

You read that right: bay leaves can be exquisite for humans, but they are the complete opposite for these insects. The organization PETA even endorses their use as a non-violent method of dealing with cockroaches.

And while you might want to just stomp on every cockroach in sight or use chemicals to do away with them completely, consider all the cleaning you’ll have to do afterwards.

The chemicals used to exterminate cockroaches are harsh and can be harmful to pets and children.


Bay leaves are the best option to repel cockroaches. Begin by placing bay leaves in every corner of your house. It won’t kill them; the goal is to repel the cockroaches, since the smell is unbearable for them. This works very well in areas where food is stored, such as in the kitchen or the pantry.

It is also highly recommended to include bay leaves in your herb garden; you’ll have tons, and if you put this potted herb in specific areas, it can increase your success of chasing them away. It is a beautiful plant.

The advantage is that you can make use of both dried and fresh bay leaves, but an effective and practical option is making a powder from the dried leaves; they will produce more scent, and you can use them effectively everywhere.

Other herbs to repel cockroaches

Another way they can be used and also give you a secondary benefit, relaxing your nerves (have you seen how wonderful this herb is?), is by burning the bay leaves.


Like bay leaves, fresh mint leaves repel roaches because of their strong scent. You can also mix peppermint essential oil with water to make a spray and use it around your house.


In one study, catnip was found to be more effective at repelling cockroaches than DEET, a compound used in most commercial insect repellents. Steep the leaves in hot water to make tea. Then, place the tea in a spray bottle and spray frequently around entry points and places where you have seen a lot of cockroaches.

Catnip is also an easy way to ensure a strong alliance with the neighborhood cats.


You already know how the smell of garlic breath can act as an effective repellent. Well, it has a similar effect on cockroaches. Place cloves of fresh garlic to keep cockroaches away.