How to reduce stretch marks on your stomach naturally

Hot water can cause more damage to skin that has stretch marks, so maybe you shouldn’t resort to laser treatments. In women, it’s very common to have stretch marks on the stomach, usually after pregnancy because the skin is stretched, causing the marks. Or, just like in men, it can be due to weight gain or loss. Other areas where stretch marks can appear are the buttocks, breasts or legs.


How to reduce stretch marks on the stomach

Those white and red lines are unsightly and can be avoided with frequent use of moisturizers, massage and by maintaining a healthy weight. However, depending on how pronounced the stretch marks are, some home remedies can be applied to reduce their appearance, or you can undergo laser treatments to erase them completely.

Some natural remedies recommended to reduce or fade stretch marks can be used directly at home, without waiting for anyone, and in many cases the results can be seen faster, although this depends on skin type, the number of stretch marks and how deep they are.

Rosehip and almond oil

Rosehip oil helps remove damaged tissues and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It should be applied overnight using a circular massage. Almond oil is moisturizing and regenerates the skin. Both can be applied daily after showering.


Snail slime

This is perfect for regenerating damaged skin and removing dead skin cells. You can get it in the form of commercial creams following its correct indications.


This herb contains silicon, which is naturally regenerative and very effective against stretch marks. You can macerate 100 grams of horsetail in one liter of 40% alcohol for a month along with 10 drops of lemon. After one month, dilute the mixture in a half liter of water. The preparation is used to massage the affected area of in circular motions at least twice a day.

Carrot paste

Make a puree of steamed carrots. This paste should be applied to the stomach on the stretch marks, and left on for half an hour. Rinse with cold water.



In the case of white stretch marks which aren’t very pronounced, you can use the skin of five beets, the skin of five peaches and the heart of a carrot. Blend into a paste and apply to stretch marks.

Avocado cream with aloe vera

Using half an avocado, one leaf of aloe vera and a teaspoon of olive oil, create a cream in the blender and use circular massage movements to apply it to the affected area, letting is sit for twenty minutes. Rinse with cold water.