Make your hair grow and avoid its fall with this American onion juice

Surely you want a beautiful mane, so you have to make that your hair grow and avoid its fall with this American onion juice. Onion is a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, sodium, calcium and magnesium. It has been shown to help control diabetes, strengthens the immune and bone systems and serves as an antibiotic. In addition, it improves vision, nourishes the skin and fights respiratory diseases.

make that your hair grow and avoid its fall with this American onion juice

Native Americans knew the benefits of onion which is why this plant is part of its medicinal components and is very common in those lands. Several studies have shown that hair falls more in autumn due to an alteration in the hair follicle cycle.

And the onion is known for its ability to nourish the roots thanks to its high sulfur content. So in USA the people began to use onion juice as a treatment for hair roots.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or alopecia, are usually related to the high production of bait on the scalp. However, it is common for weakness and loss of the strands to be generated by factors such as physical and emotional stress, lack of protein and vitamins due to poor diet, hormonal changes and forced brushing can also lead to hair loss.

Advantages of applying onion juice to your hair

The use of onion juice as a treatment for hair loss is effective, safe and we can be sure that this does not have any side effect. Helps prevent hair loss and promotes the growth of new strands.

It nourishes the scalp more quickly and thanks to direct contact, which will strengthen the root and stem of the strands. By providing so many nutrients, it will accelerate growth and the hair will be brighter, stronger and easier to handle.

Preparation and application of onion juice

This method has no complications; the idea is simply to extract the juice from the onion. You can simply liquefy and strain the juice or even grate the onion. For this last method, you must use a kitchen grater, a deep container and a cotton sheath.

The idea is to grate the onion on the sheath and squeeze to extract the juice. The important thing is to separate the liquid from the residual pieces to facilitate the washing of the hair.

Now that you have the juice you proceed to apply the substance directly on the scalp which must be completely dry. It is important to massage circularly with the fingertips to stimulate the absorption of nutrients. Comb and tie your hair to let the juice work for 15 minutes and then wash it normally.

Apply conditioner and shampoo to remove the smell of the onion, and when finished, dry with a towel. Remember to remove the scraps of water by combing the hair down with the fabric. You must exert a little pressure but do not enclose the hair, this breaks the strands and the pressure detaches them from the root.