Lose weight with baking soda

Did you know that it’s possible to lose weight using baking soda? Aside from all of its benefits and properties that we are learning about every day, it can also help to improve your figure.

Lose weight with baking soda

The process of weight loss occurs through an indirect mechanism, since the benefits of baking soda on the blood help achieve this goal more quickly.

How baking soda helps with weight loss

According to the expert George M. Wolverton, an alkaline body transforms fat into muscle and energy, while an acidic body burns muscle and stores fat. It is for this reason that incorporating baking soda can help regulate your body weight.

Indirect mechanism of weight loss

For Robert O. Young, author of the book “The pH Miracle”, baking soda as part of an alkaline diet can balance the pH of the blood, which reduces acidity and improves oxygenation of cells, digestion and overall health. According to the expert Don Colbert, writer of “The Seven Pillars of Health”, in an alkaline environment, the body’s tissues will release toxins more efficiently. This allows for better regulation of fat, and also improves your physical appearance.

baking soda

You should use caution when consuming baking soda, since excess consumption can have negative effects on the body. According to experts, just a pinch in your drinks or foods will help accelerate your metabolism and burn fat. For this reason, before you start to incorporate it in your diet we recommend you consult a health expert.

The WHO has said that newborns who don’t begin to breathe spontaneously have a high concentration of acid in their blood. Intravenous infusions of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are essential in the treatment to reduce accumulated acids.

Prepare your body for weight loss

The weight loss effect is produced indirectly, since the benefits of baking soda on the blood help to achieve this goal more quickly. But this can be considered an important step in the fight against excess weight and other health problems, since it prepares the body for easier and healthier weight loss.