Lemon Improves our Beauty and Health

Lemon has properties that help us in an incredible way both our health and beauty, so we listed some uses and tips to help us achieve incredible results.

Woman using lemon to boost her beauty

How to boost beauty using lemon

The properties of lemon help improve health and physical appearance. Discover its main benefits.

1. Soft Elbows

We must split the lemon in half and squeeze it completely. By doing this, we proceed to rub it on our elbows (at least 2 times a week) and we will start to notice how our elbows will be softer. Of course, we recommend you do it before showering, since the lemon with the sun can stain our skin.

2. Eliminates acne

This advice will surely enchant you. This time we will use lemon juice (because of its astringent effect) to remove fat from the skin, thing that will help us to prevent acne. After we apply and wash our face well, it is recommended that we use a moisturizer.

3. Soft hands

What we are going to do on this occasion is to mix the lemon juice with glycerin and sugar. Then with the paste that forms we rub our hands for a few minutes and then we rinse with plenty of water. As we dry our hands, we will feel how they begin to get softer.

4. Brighten your skin

We can use the lemon juice, either pure or mixing it with water to dilute it, as it helps the renewal of the skin and gives it a luminous effect. Of course never forget that we must wash the treated area with plenty of water to avoid staining, which can be caused by exposure to sunlight.

5. Strengthen your nails

If you want to strengthen your nails so they do not injure, lemon juice can help you in this. Rub your nails for about 5 min with a lemon and then rinse them with water. Doing so will help us get stronger nails.