Knowing the Benefits of Vegetable Milks

In lieu of having access or just preferring to substitute ‘regular’ milk, for dietary or health reasons, vegetable milks are the greatest substitutes in many ways. Do not fear of losing the components your usual milk has, because these type of alternative sources of milk provide the same –may more- benefits to our bodies than ‘regular’ milk.

Vegetable Milks benefits

The amount of milk options is staggering, since they range from all sources like almonds, rice, soy, oats, coconut, cashew nuts, to name a few. These plant-based options are great and sought out for their lower levels calories, fats and because they do not have cholesterol. Additionally the amount of nutrients outweighs the reasons for buying dairy milk.

Greater source of Calcium

The primordial reason for consuming milk is for the calcium, since we are looking out for the strength of our bones. If you decide to switch to plant-based milks, you do not need to worry for missing out on this important element. On the contrary, with vegetable milks the content of calcium is at least 50% more than the regular milk.

This news is great is you fear for risk of having osteoporosis or you are looking to strengthen your bones. These milks are also a greater source of proteins, given that some food sources of these milks have a great content of protein in the nutritional constitution

Less Sugar

Vegetable sources of milk are perfect for consuming milk with low content of sugar. This constitutes a perfect choice for those trying to keep diabetes in check and for those who simply would desire to consume fewer calories, for a healthy meal or dessert.

Therefore, if you are watching over the weight to keep the same figures, these milks are a good option to avoid those undesired fats and calories. Plant-based milks is also a perfect option to reduce the consumption of lactose, a special feature for the lactose-intolerant milk drinker, who now has many options to have milk without the trouble of a gassy stomach or a troubled digestion process.

Better Digestion

Benefits of Vegetable Milks to Better Digestion

Many of us present some issues when trying to digest dairy products, and we are not talking about lactose intolerance. Whether it is for constipation, irritation or diarrhea, the need for an option to drink milk without losing the chance of consuming its nutrients and avoiding the digestion problems is increasingly pressing. However, the vegetable milks have come as that savior option we need.

If the decision of switching to these alternative sources of milk is to improve the digestion process, the options are numerous.

On the other hand, if this choice was induced by some allergy to a certain food or to dairy milk, you are still in luck. Vegetal milks can provide with the necessary nutrients at the same time of avoiding the dreaded allergies that you may have developed.

Homemade and DIY

One benefit that cannot go amiss on this article is the fact that these extraordinary alternatives of milk can be produced in our homes. There is no need for fancy equipment or specialized processes to produce a few ounces of plant-based milk. The recipes are simple, short and require very few ingredients including the alternative source. Cheer up and make the switch for healthier milky way!