How to keep eyelashes from falling out with these at-home tricks

The causes of eyelashes that fall out or are brittle and fragile can be diverse, however there are some tricks that you can learn to do at home which will help you get stronger and more resistant eyelashes, and even make your eyelashes grow faster and longer.

Causes of eyelashes falling out

Besides being a natural accessory for beauty in humans, eyelashes play an important role in protecting the eyes. It is precisely these that prevent foreign objects like environmental waste from getting in, they protect against UV rays, among other functions.

Causes of eyelashes falling out

There are many factors that can cause falling out of eyelashes and also the hair of your eyebrows. Understanding what the cause is can be of great help to strengthen your eyelashes and make them more resistant. In addition, these causes vary from person to person and in the majority of cases, people worry about it given that eyebrows as well as eyelashes are related to the beauty of your gaze. Let’s explore some of the main causes of eyelashes falling out.

Thyroid problems

Hyperactive and hypoactive thyroid glands can cause eyelashes to fall out. This disorder can cause hair breakage, resulting in absence of hair in the eyelashes and eyebrows. On the other hand, hypoactive thyroids produce symptoms of intolerance to cold and skin dryness, among other symptoms.

This condition can make your eyelashes and eyebrows more sparse and leave hair that is finer, drier and more brittle.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is an immune system disorder that causes hair loss and falling out of eyelashes and eyebrows. The immune cells attack the hair follicles, causing them to weaken and fall out. This can cause loss of all the hair on the body or loss in a single area such as the eyebrows, chin, eyelashes or scalp.

Allergy to cosmetics

The majority of cosmetics contain chemicals in their products, which is why we always recommend homemade mascara. These chemical products cause the hair to weaken and later the falling out of your eyelashes. Learn the signs of makeup allergies. There are certain chemical products in mascara that cause allergies, which is why it’s recommendable to avoid them to keep your eyelashes in optimum conditions.

Natural loss of eyelashes

Aside from all of the conditions we have mentioned, eyelashes can fall out naturally too. Just like our hair falls out naturally and grows back, our eyelashes also fall out and grow back. Different factors such as the environment can cause loss of eyelashes. Age can also be one of the causes, which is why it’s recommended to follow these directions and keep your eyelashes strong.

How to prevent loss of eyelashes

Everything mentioned above has a price and over time they weaken the root of each strand. If this is the case, here you will learn how to keep eyelashes from falling out with these at-home tricks, all practical and simple to do.

Nourish them with vitamin E

One of the best ways to prevent eyelashes from falling out is consumption of vitamin E. This is found in diverse fruits and vegetables and eating them is enough to prevent this problem. Plus, its effect isn’t only seen in this area; it’s also ideal for strengthening your nails and caring for your skin.

Almond oil

Almond oil

This is the best oil product that you can apply to your eyelashes to prevent them from weakening and falling out. There is chemically altered almond oil, which should be avoided. Pure almond oil can be found in any natural products store. It’s not just for strengthening eyelashes, but also helps create radiant skin. It should be applied at night.

Remove all of your mascara

The chemicals in mascara tend to damage the outer layer of each eyelash. By simply removing the product you can avoid greater damage. The best tip for this process is to apply warm water to each eyelash, wait a few minutes without trying to remove it, and then wet them again and start to remove the mascara.

Apply castor oil

This is one of the best home remedies to prevent eyelashes from falling out. All you have to do is wet a cotton ball with castor oil and apply it to each eyelash. To get effective results you should apply it at night, and in the water you can remove it with cold or warm water, there’s no difference because it’s easy to remove. Castor oil also helps make hair grow.

Use Vaseline

It’s not just applying Vaseline; the first step is to remove all mascara, just as we explained above. Then, take a cotton swab and dip it in the Vaseline, and then apply it to each eyelash to prevent it from falling out. It is preferable to apply at night, and the next morning should be washed out with warm water, which will make the removal process easier.

More tips to keep eyelashes from falling out

eyelashes falling out

  • After removing mascara, you should try to apply one of the products mentioned above.
  • Avoid excess makeup, or don’t leave it on your eyelashes overnight. The chemicals in these products run along the layer of each eyelash and later stick to the dermis which contains their roots.
  • Don’t use cheap products. The saying “you get what you pay for” applies in this case. The lower quality, the more likely you are to apply a less filtered product.
  • Loss of eyelashes doesn’t always have to do with application of chemical products. It can also be due to internal factors, like stress, chronic illness and others. For the rest, this list of tips on how to keep eyelashes from falling out with at-home tricks will be sufficient and effective.