How to activate your hormones for weight loss

The process of losing weight is different depending on the person. The correct nutrition can activate fat burning hormones, which can metabolize stored fat and help to eliminate it from the body. This is how to activate your hormones to melt fat, acting as fat burners.

How to activate your hormones for weight loss

Many people who begin a diet can testify to how another person can have weight loss results after hardly even trying. This is due to diverse factors, environmental as well as genetic. However, hormonal imbalance may be most directly responsible for whether you lose weight or not.

How to activate hormones to slim down

Any weight loss program requires effort, but then there comes a moment when you reach a plateau and your body simply can’t burn any more fat. Nonetheless, there are 3 simple methods that you can keep in mind to activate your hormones, equivalent to accelerating your metabolism to be able to lose weight.

Eliminate all forms of sugar

Eliminate all forms of sugar

The most important thing that is necessary when you are trying to lose those extra pounds is to eliminate the negative role of carbohydrates which can lead to failure in your weight loss goals.

On the one hand, the stores of carbohydrates that you ingest when you eat foods high in sugar, like starchy vegetables, alcohol, cookies, sweets, and processed foods, provide you with a quick source of energy that your body uses instead of burning fat reserves. For this reason, reducing the carbohydrates in your diet is a must if you want to activate your hormones to help you lose weight.

Have an eating schedule

Having a schedule for your meals and specific serving sizes is also a way to achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

It is necessary that you replace carbonated beverages with fruit juice with water or lemon water, as well as natural herbal teas. Also, you will need to increase your daily vegetable intake, especially raw and steamed vegetables, since these burn more calories to be digested, which is perfect for any weight loss regimen.

Another important factor is to activate the hormone leptin, which is indispensable for regulating appetite. If this hormone is not working normally, we can experience hunger pangs at different hours, which can turn a diet into pure torture, since we have to resist our hunger.

But there is a natural solution to activate these hormones. In this case, eating carrots is the most advisable. Carrots are sources of carotenoids, which contain antioxidants that improve your brain’s sensitivity to the hormone leptin.

Add an exercise routine

The third most important thing for losing weight is add some light exercise, because this stimulates even more fat burning. Even 30 minutes of exercise every day can help your body build new muscles from proteins which makes your body burn its stored fat.

Exercise can also help to activate hormones, in the case of the hormone oxytocin, which is related to feelings of pleasure and is the hormone in charge of controlling our cravings. It is necessary for us to stick to any diet and reach our goal of slimming down. To activate it you can do outdoor activities, which can stimulate it, or do breathing exercises and yoga.