Home Remedies to Lower Belly

Although it is true that fat located in the abdominal area is difficult to eliminate, there are some remedies that can help us to lower the belly that we have. Therefore, here we will show you some of those remedies that although they are not miraculous, they can give us the push that we need in the right direction.

woman to Lower Belly

Ginger, honey and pepper

These 3 remedies are very good at helping us lower or eliminate that fat that accumulates in our body because they increase the temperature of it, and accelerates the metabolic rate effectively. We recommend that you elaborate it in the form of ginger tea by adding honey and a little pepper.


This remedy is very effective because it helps us to detoxify the liver, which makes it revitalize its function which is to metabolize the fat. Just place the lemon juice in a glass of water (the hotter the water the more effective this remedy). It is recommended to drink it fasting in the morning.

Fish oil

Fish oil to Lower Belly

This oil is an excellent fat decomposer because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially that which is located at the waist. It is recommended to take at least a tablespoon of fish oil and gradually you will see how the abdominal fat begins to reduce. In case you can not take that oil, you can include in your meals some fish that are very rich in omega-3, among them are mackerel, tuna and salmon.

Chia seeds

In case you do not like fish, you can consume Chia seeds. These seeds are a very good source of omega-3. Just take a spoonful of these seeds to achieve a large dose of both vitamins and a very good fat burning.