How to heal and regenerate the liver naturally

The liver is an organ that, unlike others, has the amazing capacity to regenerate itself when the condition is not too serious. However, in most cases, liver disease affects the whole organ and greatly deteriorates its function, and in some cases, it can even be completely damaged if the cause of the disease is not stopped. Even so, there are ways to regenerate the liver naturally, to help you when it isn’t able to do this job on its own.

Healthy liver and diseased liver

Hepatic regenerative capacity doesn’t last indefinitely; with old age, it reaches a point where the quantity of cells begins to decrease so that the organ is increasingly unable to adequately fulfill its multiple functions. If the external factors that are causing the disease are stopped, it is possible that it can be regenerated without help after some time in patients who are not very old.

When is liver regeneration necessary?

Such is its regenerative power that, in the case of children who receive a liver transplant, only half a liver is implanted, so that it grows and develops along with the rest of the child’s organs, functioning without any type of problem.

Some common liver conditions

Some of the following conditions may lead to liver regeneration due to damage to the liver:

  • Fatty liver: There are many health complications and bad habits that trigger a fatty liver. In such cases, the most notorious symptoms are unexplained weight loss and fatigue.
  • Enlarged liver: This condition may cause the liver to change in size, and severe symptoms may occur.
  • Intoxicated liver: One of the most common conditions that occurs in the liver, due to poor diet and improper consumption of alcoholic beverages.

How to regenerate the liver naturally

How to regenerate the liver

Not only is it the second largest organ in the body, it is also one of the most important. It is responsible for filtering all the harmful toxins that enter the body, preventing them from reaching the bloodstream. The best way to help the natural regeneration of the liver, to heal it after suffering from a disease, to ensure it doesn’t stop working, and to maintain good liver function is to purify it, and this is achieved in the following way:

Drinking a lot of fluids

  • Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to detoxify the entire body. It maintains the hydration necessary for everything to function properly, aiding in cell regeneration, and facilitates the task of filtering toxins.
  • Green tea is very rich in catechins, which are plant antioxidants responsible for greatly promoting liver function, in addition to helping reduce the amount of fat accumulated in this organ.
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol that you consume, as this is one of the main culprits that causes toxins to accumulate more frequently and intensely.
  • Many fruits, especially red fruits and berries, have organic acids that help to lower the level of sugar that accumulates in the blood; therefore, it fat is eliminated more easily and the body stays much cleaner. So, increase your consumption of red fruits and berries in order to regenerate the liver quickly.

Eating healthy foods

  • Most processed foods have a large number of preservatives and harmful fats that raise cholesterol. This can lead to clogging and saturation of the liver with fatty residues. Avoid fast foods (especially those that are fried), red meat that has a high fat content, and any food that has artificial colors or sweeteners.
  • All vegetables are healthy, but some specifically contain certain nutrients that have the ability to stimulate hepatic cell production, thus protecting the organ from the toxins that it processes and expels from the body. Add turmeric, beets, pink grapefruit, avocados and apples to your usual diet.
  • Garlic is very rich in some sulfur-containing components, which increase and strengthen the functioning of enzymes. It also contains selenium and allicin, which are two nutrients that protect this important organ.
  • Nuts are rich in the amino acid arginine, fatty acids such as omega 3, and in glutamine. All these substances remove ammonia from the body, which is one of the main causes of the liver becoming seriously ill, and so they also work as protective agents for the liver.

Herbal remedies to regenerate the liver

Herbal tea to regenerate the liver

Herbs can be ingested in a variety of ways, especially in teas. Some herbal treatments can be perfect to help the liver regenerate naturally, as they protect its cells and also improve their functioning.

They can also be obtained in tablets or capsules, which can be included as an extra supplement in your daily diet. Not only are they very healthy, it also prevents the ingestion of foreign substances in the body.

Milk thistle

This herb is one of the main ones to help recover from liver damage. Its main active ingredient is silymarin, a complex of different compounds, vitamins and flavonoids that together help in the reconstruction and protection of the liver. Silymarin is a potent antioxidant that achieves increased levels of glutathione in the liver by 35%, which is responsible for purifying the liver of a wide range of toxins. With increased levels of glutathione, the liver has a greater ability to cleanse the blood of toxic compounds. For these reasons, the consumption of milk thistle acts as a protector and regenerator of the liver.


You can add dandelion leaves directly to your salads, which will give you ample health benefits. It can also be found in capsules or herbal teas in most health food stores. This herb has been used successfully in the treatment of many liver diseases, such as hepatitis, liver inflammation, liver stones, liver failure, jaundice, etc.

Mint leaves

Mint is involved in stimulating the production of bile and repairing the bile ducts, which is a great help in the breakdown of fats (relieving pressure on the liver). It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol so that the liver’s task of filtering out toxins becomes much easier.

Burdock root

This herb acts as a blood purifier and is widely used in ayurvedic medicine. What this herb does is restore damaged cells while increasing the flow of bile to increase their functioning.