Foods that balance hormones

Have you ever wondered: what are the foods that balance the hormones? If you are one of those women who have made such a question, here we will tell you what they are.

Foods that balance hormones

That’s why some people seem to not be affected by the passage of time. Remember that if the body produces more collagen prevents the aging of our body. Here we will analyze some of the foods that will make you look much slimmer.

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

There are thousands of treatments, creams and so-called tips to eliminate the effects of old age. Although, it is best to maintain a diet rich in foods that contain collagen and which in turn, contain antioxidants.

In this way you will always be gleaming and a little younger than the rest of your contemporaries. Here is a short list that we have prepared with the foods that have the most collagen:


 They are used for different meals. They are excellent for a brighter dermis, in addition, it increases the formation of good cholesterol. It also improves circulation and favors hormones.

On the other hand, it causes our skin to store water, thus making it stay much younger. Check out the various ways you can prepare it so you have several recipes and you can consume it in different ways.

Green leafy vegetables

These vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, have indole-3-carbinol and sulphorane that serve to regulate hormones. Yes, these plants help your liver to generate estrogen and, in turn, collagen.

The ideal is to consume a daily cup of 60 grams. You can make from boiled to rich salads with these vegetables; you will only need creativity to consume them in different ways.


Surely your mother or grandmother has instilled in you that the excess of this food can raise your cholesterol. However, they possess HDL cholesterol, a variety that is beneficial to the human body.

Rather it helps the body produce hormones that give flexibility and shine to the skin, in addition, keeps it hydrated. And this is not all, it also gives you proteins, which are necessary for our muscles.

Dark chocolate

Who does not like to eat a good chocolate bar? The answer is quite obvious, most of us love it. But, did you know that besides the fact that dark chocolate is tasty, it is also beneficial?

If we include it in our daily diet in a very short time we will see results. This rich candy contains multiple minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as flavonoids.

You must keep this in mind, no matter how hard you struggle to stop the passage of time is completely inevitable. However, if there are things we can do to fight the ravages of the passage of time.

As you saw, eating foods that balance hormones and having a daily exercise routine will contribute significantly. In addition, your attitude will also influence, if you are positive you will enjoy a little more life.