Why you should engage in bedtime stretches

For many of us, incorporating exercise, even if it is just a few repetitions, into our daily our daily routine is a nightmare. The challenge proves to be even more upstream when we are leading a sedentary life of slapping ourselves to wake up, get dressed, go to office and spend eight hours strapped to a chair. Then at nights, we limit ourselves to grabbing any dinner available and plummeting on the bed, until we repeat this sitting routing on the next day.

Why you should engage in bedtime stretches

Nonetheless, there is way we should all apply to our lives in order to stay physically fit and to avoid injuries from any bad move. It just takes up a few moments of our morning and night routine, and it does not require making any subscription on a gym or arriving to the other side of town.

The feat’s name is very simple. It is called stretching, and it consists in the contraction and stretching of joints, muscles and tendons. It sounds easy, ¿correct? That is because it is. Doing a few minutes of well-paced and dedicated stretches in morning after getting out of bed, and at night before snoozing in our pillows, greatly improves our health in numerous ways. Here are some of the benefits of stretching

Sores and aches, be gone!

We usually get up feeling crammed and tight on all of our muscles, our joints and take us a few moments to finally free up some movement and have regular flow of motion on our bodies. Stretching at night will help us reduce this tightness in the morning. Also, the stretches that we perform in the morning will prevent any pain and discomfort we might feel when lifting that box of nothing on the floor, or simply picking up the pencil we just dropped.

Get the groove on

Stretching has been proved to help to the blood circulation of the body. A minimal activity in the morning, after spending 8 hours lying in probably the same position, will induce an increase in the blood flow of our bodies. That way we are receiving new freshly-oxygenated blood to all the muscles in our body –especially our brain.

This induction of flow also helps us boost our energy levels, since it has been confirmed that stretching regularly reduces the symptoms of being tired. Also and coincidentally, when we stretch at night before bed, we are ensuring a good night sleep, since our bodies will be more relaxed and without the tension of all we have done during the day.

A better pose

For those sitting for very a long time in front of the computer (for instance, all day in the office) the posture is one of the most affected functions of the body. If you apply a series of stretches in the morning targeted at the back muscles, it can loosen them up. Thus, your posture in front of the computer will improve and also will give a more relaxed sitting position during the day. At night, those same stretches will guide those muscles back to their original positions.

Ultimately, we will be promoting our productivity, alertness and physical disposition during the day with a few stretches, right in our bed, and without breaking a sweat.