Benefits of ginger and lime juice in weight loss diets

The refreshing properties of lime juice together with ginger’s warming effect make them an ideal natural beverage, perfect for weight loss diets.

Ginger lemon water for weight loss diets

Benefits of ginger and lime juice in weight loss diets

Adding lime juice to water helps improve the taste and allows some people to drink more water while they are on a weight loss diet. Ginger stimulates the metabolism; it also makes a delicious and refreshing diet beverage: a mix between lemonade and a strong ginger juice. Use the lemon water and ginger mix to help you lose weight while on a healthy weight loss diet.

Lemon water and ginger recipe


The lemon juice water can help you detox, it is considered a liver cleansing tonic and ideal in weight loss diets. Ginger has thermogenic properties, which means that it stimulates the metabolism and helps you burn calories faster. Ginger is also helpful in fighting inflammation and nausea. We recommend you use filtered or distilled water to help in your detox.

Blend a piece of fresh ginger (about 2 inches) with water (enough for a big glass); strain the mix and add the juice of one lemon. Drink immediately.

Benefits in weight loss diets

Drink the lemon juice, water and ginger drink first thing in the morning to cleanse the liver and reduce apetite. Drink as many times during the day as you please. Eight glasses during the day keep the body hidrated. This practice can help you kick start your diet since it reduces your appetite and creates trough out the day a reminder to focus on your detox and in the process of choosing healthy, all natural foods (non-processed, vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains).

Stay away from a strict calorie restriction diet. Check with your doctor before you start this or any other weight loss diet. Follow an exercise program for best weight loss results. Drastic measures to lose weight such as fasting or starvation are harmful to your health, your metabolism and contribute to the yoyo effect which results in more weight gain.

Exercise helps you maintain lean muscles; this helps your body burn fat while at rest. Weight loss diets without exercise might affect your muscle tissue, which will enable the body to store fat faster once you have conclude your diet.