Benefits of doing exercise for the digestive process

It is widely known that exercise is good for our body. The list of benefits is almost endless, and among those benefits we are able to find our digestive system as one of the improved systems. Our digestive system is usually very resilient but, as every organism, it has to be taken good care of, and one of the best methods of achieving good care is by doing exercise.

Yoga improve digestion

Exercises to improve digestion

The digestive system is comprised by the stomach, the intestines and the bowels, and its main function is the digestion of the food we ingest, and the absorption of the nutrients we need. Normally, it takes us more than 24 hours to complete the digestion process, on a healthy system. This time could increase, if there is an issue with our GI tract. The exercise that we do may help reducing this time and increasing the efficiency of our digestive process.

Stronger Stomach

One of the main benefits of doing exercise is that it strengthens our muscles. This helps our digestions given that doing exercises that are focused on the abdominal area, greatly improves the movements of our bowels, thus helping with the elimination of any blockage or any constipations present in our system.

A better chemistry

The relationship between the exercise that we do and our stomach is vital for a better digestion. Our digestive system contains microbiota, which are a compendium of microorganisms and cells in charge of balancing the health of our bowels. Performing physical activity helps releasing enzymes into our bowels that aid in the production and maintenance of these microorganisms. That way, the dynamic of the digestion will be improved and healthy. This also prevents developing any ailments in our tummies.

Recommendations for a better digestion

digestive system graphic

In general, doing 30 minutes of light exercise a day is already a good routine for helping our digestion. Nonetheless, there are a few suggestions that we would like to make in order to better take advantage of the exercises.

Digesting with Yoga

Among the many options for exercising to improve our digestion, we find that yoga is one of the best methods. This modernly famous activity helps with the blood flow to the digestive system, given that it involves stretching key sections of our body and practicing our breathing. This exercise will be great to reduce any swelling in the bowels.

Digesting the stress

One of the greatest enemies of good bowel health is stress. Any extenuating situation that we put ourselves in certainly wreaks havoc with the natural composition of our body, and one of the most affected organs is our stomach. Exercising will release the stress into our organism to reduce that unnecessary tension that causes illness and diseases. Therefore, a good routine of exercise is a highly recommended to reduce any tensions in our digestive system. This also represents another benefit of doing yoga to suppress the stress we acquire daily.

Final recommendations

We suggest doing light exercises since heavy training can have the opposite effect of improve our digestive system’s health. We also recommend avoiding doing exercises right after having a meal, always wait at least one hour before jumping on the track and stretching those muscles.