Avoid cracked lips with these natural solutions

Cracked lips due to external irritants are one of the most common problems for the facial area. The functionality of the lips causes them to be exposed to different substances that damage them. Fortunately there are natural solutions to counter the chapped skin on the lips. If you follow the tips below, you can reverse or even keep the process from starting.

Ways to alleviate cracked lips

Ways to alleviate cracked lips

These tips can help you fight chapped and cracked lips, and are also recommended to avoid drying of the skin that leads to cracking.

Cover your lips with lip balm

It’s one of the most common solutions but also one of the most effective. Cracked lips tend to be caused by cold weather because the external skin wrinkles and loses elasticity. A homemade lip balm is enough to avoid splitting and cracking of the lips and mouth.

Several home remedies

There are several natural remedies for splitting lips. The most recommendable option would be including papaya in your diet. To make a fine paste of this fruit, all you have to do is mash the pulp and apply it to the lips in the morning. After applying, just wait 15 to 20 minutes and then remove the excess that is left behind.

Avoid spicy foods

The skin of spicy red and greed foods contains antioxidants, so moderate consumption is recommended to detoxify the body. However, this process is not the same for the lips – due to their pH, your lips may be affected to the point of cracking. If you consume spicy foods you should wash your lips to avoid excess on their surface.

Don’t wet your lips with your tongue

When your lips are dry and cracking, it’s normal to want to wet them with your tongue; it’s a natural reflex but a bad one. To protect themselves, the lips produce a thin layer of oil. Saliva removes this layer because it has enzymes that degrade it. For this reason it’s important to avoid this reflexive licking of licks so that you don’t make the cracking even worse.

Don’t pick the dead skin

It’s unattractive to see dead skin on your lips, whose white color gives it away, but it’s even more important to avoid picking at with your nails. Your fingers have bacteria that are only removed by washing your hands, so picking without washing your hands first is risky. The best time to get rid of this problem is in the shower.

several natural remedies for splitting lips

Don’t breathe through your mouth

Avoiding cracked lips with these natural solutions doesn’t seem complicated, but in this case it is. It’s another natural reflex that’s hard to control. When you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose, your lips act as a primary barrier, warming, filtering and removing impurities from the air outside. This work – when it’s constant – causes dryness and cracked lips.

Drink water during the day

A hydrated body is reflected in the face and the lips are no exception. Aside from detoxifying your body in general, drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day keeps the cells and tissues of the lips hydrated. When it’s too hot and you don’t drink water, your lips are the first to notice.

Don’t bite your lips

It may be true that biting your lip is erotic, that biting your lip gives certain signals to the opposite sex, but perhaps the more obvious truth is that if you constantly bite your lips, you can damage them to the point of splitting. Avoid this habit to take care of your lips is good sense.

Use the right lip balm

For women, thanks to the huge quantity of lip products that exist on the market, it’s essential to choose well. The majority of lip balm is not compatible with your skin, produces allergies and the itching causes you to rub your lips and they dry out.

Besides staying hydrating, if a person suffers constantly from chapped lips, it could be an indication of poor dietary habits. Smoking, drinking too many carbonated beverages, and others could be why the problem persists. Generally, these tips should be enough to keep your lips healthy.