5 Ways to show off your wide hips

Wide hips are very attractive in women, which is many women, rather than hiding them, are looking to highlight them using different “tricks” related to the way they dress and walk. Slim and stylized figures prevail in the world of modeling and that has had an impact on the real world, too. For a long time, the “perfect body” avoided curves, and so many women with wide hips or prominent curves desperately tried to fit into that model of the impossible body. Every body is beautiful, and it’s important to accept them with all their differences and advantages.

 Woman with wide hips

How to play up your wide hips

Things have changed in recent years, with the appearance of show business personalities who show off their curves without a problem, such as socialite Kim Kardashian. The negative view of wide hips is now ancient history, and now the time has come to wear them with pride. To make the most of your body, you have to learn to know it, love it and know what will make you look great and what doesn’t work for you. Here, we will show you 5 ways to show off your wide hips.

Be bold with colors

In addition to the shape of your clothes, the color is an important element to highlight your wide hips. Dark colors such as black, violet, and blue can help you to stylize your figure and therefore show it off. Light colors and prints can also show them off, but the best is dark colors on the bottom and something more flashy on top.

Don’t be afraid of high waists

 Scarlett johansson with high waist skirt

If you want to show off your hips, the fashion trend of high-waisted jeans and skirts was designed for your hips. This style feels perfect on your body type as it helps you to shape and stylize your body, molding your figure in a fabulous way. In the case of high-waisted skirts, the same thing happens. Look for simple designs without too many details (or it will have the opposite effect), preferably a full skirt or slightly above the knees.

Leggings and tube pants

 Leggings and tube pants to conceal the wide hips

Another type of clothing that will highlight your hips are leggings and tube pants, as they accentuate your bottom and highlight your curves. Wear them in dark colors and reserve anything flashy for the top. If you want to achieve a super cool look, you can wear a blazer, which will undoubtedly hit right at this area of ​​your body, and if you close it, it will have the effect of cinching your waist.

The importance of belts

Belts for wearing less wide hips

Belts are your best allies to show off your wide hips. They can be accompanied by a blouse, shirt or dress and they will highlight your figure completely; they can be worn at the waist or under the chest.

Walk with confidence

Don’t be afraid to highlight your body, move with confidence and attract attention without thinking too much. Wear shoes that make you feel comfortable and sure of yourself; you can try boots (high or low) or thick-heeled heels to highlight your legs.