10 foods to make your nails stronger

The diet we consume currently affects the health of our body. Therefore we need to be careful what we eat, which foods should we include in our diet, and which should we eliminate. One of those parts many of us take special care is our fingernails, whether for better looks, or better health There are many reasons why our nails might be soft, weak or prone to breaking.

10 foods to make your nails stronger

10 foods that guarantee nails stronger

There might because of health problems, any underlying disease, or simple lack of care. With this article, we will cover the health element and provide you with a list of the best foods to include in your diet so you can have better, stronger and healthier nails.

1. Eggs

This food is a great source of proteins and vitamin D, which are necessary nutrients to absorb the calcium our nails need to grow strong. Eggs are also packed with many more nutrients that help increasing fingernail thickness.

2. Milk

 Just as the eggs is a source of vitamin D, the usual glass of milk consumed at a daily basis contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D, to make our nails and bones stronger. That way we are preventing breaking our fingernail by any force.

3. Red meat

 Having a steak of lean meat every now and then, beside delicious, is great for consuming iron and proteins. The iron is one of the main components to ensure having the strongest nails.

4. Salmon

salmon preventing having dry nails

This highly prized lean meat is an excellent source of B12 vitamins and vitamin D. This food will help you preventing having dry nails, which causes them to break often.

5. Spinach

For better nail health, it is highly recommended including greens in our diet. The best of them is the spinach since it contains calcium, iron and antioxidants, which will aid in having extra strong fingernails.

6. Oatmeal

In order to further improve the health of your nails (and your body in general) having the regular cup of oats in your breakfast will provide sufficient zinc and nutrients. We recommend to soak the oats in water overnight to break down the phytic acid, a natural enemy of calcium.

7. Almond

Moving away from usual foods, these nuts are rich magnesium and vitamin E, and also contain loads of proteins, vital for the healthy growth of your fingernails. Consuming a few grams of almonds regularly will benefit your nails greatly.

8. Blueberries

blueberries help with your nails health

 Any fruit or vegetable in your diet that contain antioxidants is perfect to reduce inflammation and help with your nails health, especially if you consume blueberries since they have the highest concentration of antioxidants of any fruit.

9. Bone broth

There are some diners and stores offering this product, but can also be prepared at home with bone marrow from beef. The benefit of this meal is consuming collagen which is crucial for the strength and resistance of our fingernails.

10. Beer

You might be surprised to find this beverage on this list, but there are many benefits to our health of drinking a few beers. However, having no more than one brew often, which contains silicon, will help reducing the brittleness of the fingernails